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Floor cutters are used extensively on roads and motorways to cut asphalt and concrete cleanly and quickly to enable efficient repairs and alterations to be carried out to these surfaces.

Diamond Concrete/ Asphalt Cutting Blades

Perfect Machinery offers high-quality wet Cutting Blades for Concrete and Asphalt.
Many blades are designed to operate either wet or dry. However, diamond tools and blades work better when wet. Water will prevent the blade from overheating, greatly reduce the amount of harmful dust created by cutting, remove the slurry from the cut, and extend the life of the blade, since diamond is unable to withstand the forces involved at the elevated temperatures involved in dry cutting ceramic and abrasive materials, and will be subject to rapid tool wear and possible failure.

How to use floor cutter

  • ◾ Cutting a concrete floor is not hard to accomplish if you have the right tools on hand.
  • ◾ Mark the floor with a chalk line or a piece of sidewalk chalk to indicate where the cuts are needed.
  • ◾ Open windows to ensure adequate ventilation. Close the water flow valve on the cutter and turn the water on.
  • ◾ Start the engine on the concrete cutter. Turn the water on so there is a steady flow that will keep the dust away and keep the blade cool.
  • ◾ Ease the cutter blade into the surface of the concrete. Do not plunge the blade into the concrete too quickly as this could harm the blade, the machine and you. Follow the marks on the concrete and complete the cut.
  • ◾ Shut the cutter engine off after shutting the water valve off. Allow the engine to cool, then hose the machine off and clean it well.

Authorized Distribution For:

Dia-Pro Tools – Diamond blades, stone saws, profile wheels, diamond core bits, diamond polishing discs and many other tools.
Light Weight, Ideal for Concrete/Asphalt Floor, fine and adjustable cutting with efficiency, powerful function, durable rust-prove plastic water tank and Semi-auto moving with easy cutting

Model HP – Q450H HP-Q450D
Honda GX390 Petrol Robin DY23D/Yanmar L48 Diesel
Type of Combustion
Air – cooled,single cylinder, 4-stroke Air – cooled,single cylinder, 4-stroke
Disc diameter (Option)
350mm; 400mm;450mm 350mm; 400mm;450mm
Max. Cutting depth
160mm 160mm
Operating weight
140 kg 140 kg
Shipping size (package size)
980 x 640 x 1100mm 980 x 640 x 1100mm


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