The MBW Paver slip forms curb, curb & gutter and similar profiles with a level of quality that rivals larger pavers. In commercial parking lots and other applications with tight radii, the MBW Paver out-performs larger machines. Cost savings associated with the use of the MBW Paver are significant and ongoing. Purchase cost is a fraction of large pavers. Transport is accomplished with a pick-up truck and trailer. Crew size can be held to 3-5 people. Maintenance is low.
The MBW Paver bridges the gap between hand forming curbs and slip forming with large machines. Three models are available. The two-wheel-drive C101 pours to a 12″ width, 18″ height. The two-wheel-drive C101-18 pours to an 18″ width, 18″ height. The three-wheel drive CG200 slip forms profiles within a 48″ wide by 18″ high parameter. Hopper sizes are available in 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″. Given a reasonable level of variable control, the MBW Paver pours a 3′ radius with ease.
While production rates vary and are dependent on the mix, grade, and crew proficiency, 1000 to 1500 feet of curb and gutter would represent a typical day’s pour. In the tack-on curb over pavement application, the MBW Paver has the potential to slipform up to 5000 thousand feet/day.




Control Panel

The control panel is user friendly and features engine gauges for temperature, oil pressure, fuel and battery status. Includes main and auto power, transport and pour modes, variable travel speeds (forward/reverse), manual and automatic height controls, vibrator controls and one accessory input. A lockable weather/vandalism cover is provided. The entire control panel swivels for the most convenient point of operation.

Automatic Control in Paver

Grade adjustment and machine steering are controlled automatically (sensor and string line), or manually from the operator’s control panel. Variable speed, motor-inhead hydraulic vibrators are independently controlled and the same as used on Big Machines.

Two or Three Wheel Drive

The MBW Paver is a two-wheel drive in the curb only mode. Three-wheel drive in the curb and gutter mode. Tough, long-wearing lug tires are foam filled to maintain constant deflection rates (important to grade control) and to eliminate puncture problems. Drive systems are all hydraulic, with no belts, chains, clutches or gearboxes.

Quick-Attach Hopper

MBW’s unique quick attach hopper system enables users to switch pouring modes from “offset” (curb only) to “between centres” (curb and gutter, valley ribbon, etc) in minutes. Paver easily breaks down for hauling via pick-up truck and utility trailer. Individual moulds can be switched over from the hoppers in minutes.


Maintenance of the paver is relatively minimal when you consider the complexity of the machine. The machine itself requires hydraulic fluid and filter changes along with proper care of the sensors. Routine engine maintenance is normal oil, oil filter and air filter changes.

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