A power trowel machine in Dubai consists of one or multiple rotating blades enclosed by a safety cage. This type of concrete finishing equipment is used to create a polished, level finish on a variety of concrete surfaces



MODEL F36 F46 F24
Engine Options
Operating Weight
Honda GX160
183 lbs(83 kg)
Honda GX270
209 lbs (95 kg)
Honda GX270 High Torque
216 lbs(83kg)
Honda GX270
246 lbs(112 kg)
Honda GX390
260 lbs(118 kg)
Honda GX390 High Torque
276 lbs (121 kg)
Honda GX120
135 lbs(61kg)
3 HP Motor Single
Phase 126 lbs(57 kg)
Ring Diameter 37.5 in (95 cm) 47.6 in (121 cm) 24 in (61 cm)
Blade Sweep Dia. 35.5 in (90 cm) 46 in (117 cm)
Trowel Speed 70-135 rpm

35-180 rpm High Torque

70-135 rpm

35-180 rpm High Torque

70-125 rpm

35-180 rpm High Torque

Low Vibration Handel Height 35.8″ Min – 43.3″ Max
Noise Level 85-105 dBA

Wizard Power Trowel

Operator comfort, safety and increased productivity are essential considerations in the MBW trowel. For example, our handles are up to 6” longer than most competitors for greater leverage. They are adjustable to fit the operator more comfortably and absorb trowel torque.

All handle materials are heavy gauge and do not require gusset at critical fastening points. Each MBW trowel is balanced with regard to engine location for excellent performance and reduced operator fatigue.

MBW’s heavier handle and stronger guard ring add up to extra safety. Our stop switch is fully enclosed and constructed of durable materials with wire and cables housed at their most vulnerable positions. Basic operating and safety instructions are prominently displayed.

Solid throttle wire housed in low friction Teflon-lined casing for smooth operation and low maintenance. Galvanized, braided steel tilting cable is drawn over low friction pulleys within handle/clevis assembly and is securely attached to yoke at swivelling pin. No wear surfaces to snag or abraid cable. Handle, stop switch, rotating and stationary guarding industrial chrome plated for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance.

Wizard Power Trowel - PME Dubai


Ride-On Power Trowels - PME Dubai

Ride-On Power Trowels

With different models and manual or hydraulic steering, MBW LOWRIDERS cover the full range of floating and finishing applications. LOWRIDERS have been in production for over 25 years and played an important role in the pioneering and development of riding trowels. Decades of experience has resulted in the industry’s lowest maintenance line of high-performance ride-on trowels. LOWRIDERS are simple machines with far fewer moving parts, the industry’s most reliable drive train, the highest quality components and materials. LOWRIDERS set industry standards for high performance, low maintenance and long life.

Model: MK8-90 Model: MK8-75
KOHLER 20 HP (14.9kW) HONDA 13 HP (9.7kW)
Weight – 288kg Weight – 145kg
Blades – 8 Blades – 8
Traveling Path- 76in(194cm) Traveling Path- 63in(161cm)



Custom Blades and Pans offer lasting choices. Select from finish, combination or “Snap-on” float Blades to match your applications. All Blades are manufactured from the HIGHEST GRADE, ABRASION Resistant tool steel.


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Since 1967, MBW (US) has been manufacturing one of the construction industry’s most interesting lines of compaction, concrete and related equipment.


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