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25+ years of experience in supplying used and new construction machinery.



About Us - PME Dubai

PME Dubai is one of the leading suppliers of new & used machinery distributor and equipment in the region. We have enriched our stock both in quality and quantity and diversified our business by focusing on various sectors of business.
This has led to the building of a huge collection of equipment. Now we can offer the widest range of plant equipment, both brand-new and reconditioned to our clients – all under one roof.
The state-of-the-art workshop of PME Dubai has helped the company to maintain all its machinery and equipment in top condition. All used equipment and machinery are put through a rigorous test at the workshop before being dispatched to the customer.

PME’s effort has always been to upgrade and expand its equipment range and services in keeping with its valued customers’ requirements. Such an approach has helped the company to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship with all its customers and obtain recurring orders from existing clients.

Customers prefer to deal with PME because of the ready availability of all kinds of used and new machinery and equipment at competitive prices. By keeping its pricing structure minimal, the company has been able to attract new customers constantly.


To be the pioneers in supplying new & used machinery and equipment in the Gulf region.

To be the client’s first choice for equipment rental and suppliers for machinery.

Deliver a high level of services through our growing work and culture.

Be the topmost supplier of new & used machinery in the UAE.


We take complete care of our client’s requirements for equipment and machinery. Our services are designed keeping in mind customers’ needs and we aim to exceed their expectations.
At PME Dubai we provide efficient service in the delivery, maintenance and collection of our equipment. Our pricing is competitive and value for money for our clients. When supplying our customers with the most up-to-date equipment, we will always put safety first. PME Dubai is the one-stop destination for all machinery needs.