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Air Hammers, Also Called Pneumatic Hammers Or Power Hammers, Use Compressed Air To Help Aid Craftsmen To Hammer, Score And Plenish (Smooth) A Workpiece That Would Take Hours, If Not Days, To Produce Manually.

Air Hammers Use Air Compression To Work. Air Compressors Are Large Tanks Of Air With Motors Attached. Hand-Held Models Of Air Hammers Use Tubes Connected To An Air Tank. The Motor Fills The Tank With Air That Is Pressurized. This Pressurized Air Travels Through The Tube To The Air Hammer, Thus Making The Air Hammer Operational. Each Air Hammer Varies On The Size Of The Compressor It Needs To Perform. Smaller Air Hammers Need Smaller Compressors While Larger Models Need Larger Compressors. The Difference In The Size Of Air Hammers To Air Compressors Vary According To The Cubic Feet Per Minute, Or CFM And The Pounds Per Square Inch, Or PSI Required For The Specific Air Hammer Model Being Used.

EDITOOL Offers The Widest Range Of Tools For Any Type Of Demolition Work. Ideally Suited For Demolition Of Foundations, Walls Of Concrete And Bricks, Cutting And Breaking Pavements, Trenching; Temping, Pile Driving And Much Other Application


  • ◾ Heavy Duty front-head springs – reduces operator shock.
  • ◾ Reversible piston- reduces maintenance cost.
  • ◾ Integral oiler- provides continuous lubrication.
  • ◾ Alloy Steel forgings – provide excellent durability.

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